Without Due Process: Japanese Americans and World War II is the first long form documenatry I worked on.  It was completed in 1990 and was used in high school classrooms throughout the world for about 10 years.  Unfortunately the production style and technology are now noticably out of date.  This was officially a production of my employer KIXE-TV. (PBS)

Winner National Educational FIlm and Video Festival

Historic images used in this sequence were taken by government photographers, most notably Dorothea Lange and Clem Albers.  To give an example of how low buidget this production was - we brought a broadcast camera to the National Archives.  We placed the original 5X7 photos on an easel and did what limited camera movements we could right there.  At the table next to us two young men with a much larger budget placed the original 5X7 images from the civil war on a table and coppied them with a 4X5 view camera.  These they took to a studio in New York where they were able to do precise camera movements using a device known as a Worral Gear Head.  They were very pleasant with us - but at that time Ken and Ric Burns were no more famous than we were.