Proof Through the Night: Francis Scott Key, The Star Spangled Banner and the Hope that Transformed America

Two hundred years ago a young lawyer stood on the deck of a ship, surrounded by enemy guards and could only watch as one of America's most important commercial centers was bombarded into submission by the most powerful navy in the world.  Of course America did not surrender, and the sight of the American flag so inspired Francis Scott Key that he immediatelywrote the words which were to become knownas the Star Spangled Banner.

That part of the story is often told, but it's only part of the story. Francis Scott Key dedicated his work to the brave defenders of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, but he also thanked God for what he termed "This merciful deliverance."  This is the story of the Christian Faith and hope that guided Francis Scott Key and inspired him to write the words which continue to inspire millions with their message of hope and, in the later verses of the song, of trust in God.


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